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3D Printed Sculpture 


3D Print

Damilola collaborates with 3D printing design company, Modla to create a unique piece of 3D printed artwork to represent the influences and history of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. From Damilola’s original sketch, Modla’s founder, Jon Fidler, recreated the piece using digital 3D software, before 3D printing in nylon plastic. 


modla 3d printing converse As per their previous collaboration, Odusote designed a 2D sketch, which was used by Fidler to create the digital 3D model using SolidWorks software, to be 3D printed in nylon through SLS technology. Along with the undeniable artistic value of their work, Damilola and Modla has been setting an example in successfully attracting companies such as Nike and Converse to finance their project within the context of their brand marketing efforts. Such a combination benefits both the established brands’ desire to renew themselves and the will of 3D printing studios and artists such as Modla and Damilola to demonstrate the wide and growing range of possible applications.


The Converse (aka All Stars, aka Chuck Taylors) were first produced as far back as 1917, and were used by baseball player Chuck Taylor to teach the basics of basketball across the US, thus playing a fundamental role in making it the global sport it is today. It seems fit that those same sneakers can today play a role in contributing to increasing global awareness of 3D printing technologies. is continuously  being updated if you have any questions please get in contact of use the live chat from Mon-Fri 9-5pm GMT

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