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LinkedIn Refurb - X6



by Damilola odusote



For the opening of LinkedIn’s newly refurbished London offices, Damilola created 6 artwork cross 6 floors portraying various genres, from Architecture and transport to music, in a free and dynamic way. He used corner frames, wraps, ink and a variety of other materials to take his illustrations to the next level.

by Damilola odusote

3rd Floor- Transport


Transport being an essential piece to the makeup of any city, it was easy for Damilola here to create a scene of travel, illustrating numerous was to start your journey, whether to work or just from A-B, all starts with step 1. Nods to the morning coffee or rush our traffic to planes, trains and cycle routes.

6th Floor Film nd Books


5th Floor- Music


by Damilola odusote

8th Floor- Fitness


The Food floor was a fun theme. A city based on food, an original idea made fun when you bring London into the picture. Jelly bean roads, Lime-house, or a baker's street anyone?


7th Floor- Food


by Damilola odusote

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This floor is based on popular British music icons, in an array of different genres. 

The idea was to mimic the peeling of the old school concert posters, peeling back abstract illustrations of those culture and musical icons. 

The walls and ceilings are up for grabs here. is continuously  being updated if you have any questions please get in contact of use the live chat from Mon-Fri 9-5pm GMT

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